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About Us

We -- Jim and Joe Galanes -- are high-tech coaches who train endurance athletes from all around the world by using cutting-edge Firstbeat EPOC technology, innovative training regimes, hands-on coaching, and recovery monitoring programs.

We also use our own experience, as we both trained for–– and participated on––U.S. Olympic x-country ski teams.

Most of our clients are endurance athletes in cross country skiing, cycling, runners, or individuals training for triathalons. However, we also help tennis players, soccer players ... indeed, anyone who wants to improve their fitness and use high technology to do it.

We typically charge a $250 setup fee and $250/month after that, but it varies. We adjust our rates depending on your circumstances. We are committed to help struggling, but promising athletes as well as the serious endurance enthusiast. When you write to us, explain who you are, your goals, and your training experience.

Jim and Joe Galanes